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A better life for sensitive skin.

GLOSSARY : Sun for everyone

Your skin in the sun

Is there a term from the field of dermatology and cosmetics that you do not understand? Would you like to know what it means? View the full definition from the La Roche-Posay glossary.


Phototypes are used to classify individuals according to their skin's reaction to sun exposure. There are six different types: • Phototype I: Milky white skin (red heads) that always burns and never tans with profuse freckles. • Phototype II: Fair skin that always burns but sometimes achieves a slight tan with numerous freckles. • Phototype III: Fair to medium skin that sometimes burns and always tans (medium tan) with a few freckles. • Phototype IV: Medium skin that never burns and always tans (deep tan) with no freckles. • Phototype V: Brown skin that never burns and always tans (very deep tan) with no freckles. • Phototype VI: Black skin that never burns with no freckles.

This word also belongs to the categories Sun sensitive skin., Children's skin and the sun.