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A better life for sensitive skin.
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The Derm-Index : Sun for everyone

Your skin in the sun

All you ever wanted to know about skin and dermatological disorders.

Sun for everyone > [12] results
Video > [1] result

Video - Sun risk


Video - Sun risk

Golden rules > [1] result

4 good habits to take proper care of your skin in the sun

To avoid endangering your skin when in the sun, there are a few rules that must be followed.

Focus on... > [4] results

The sun:
its benefits and
harmful effects

The sun provides true benefits, but you must make sparing use of them. In particular, the use of a sun protection product is indispensable.

Sun protection for all types of skin:
the "dry touch" revolution

ANTHELIOS XL Lightweight has a texture which represents a radical innovation in dermocosmetic suncare. It is immediately absorbed into skin and leaves no shine or white marks. This surprising ultra-dry finish is a real advantage when skin perspires and tends to shine, and the matte effect encourages repeat applications.

A healthy tan? Think again

A healthy tan? There’s no such thing, says Jennifer Beecker, an Ottawa Hospital dermatologist who regularly witnesses and helps treat the results of sun damage.

UVA protection

Health Canada has introduced new regulations that require a minimum amount of UVA protection in sun care products.

3 questions to an expert > [1] result

I only recommend High and Very High protection

Interview with a dermatologist who discusses sun protection methods.

Testimonials > [1] result

"I don't skimp any more on protection!"

Laure was particularly prone to sunburn. To learn to better protect her skin, she consulted a dermatologist. Since then, she has been able to enjoy the benefits of the sun in complete safety.

Enlightened by science > [1] result

UVB and UVA rays: how do they differ and what is their impact on the skin?

UV rays only account for 5% of the sun rays that reach the earth, but they are very powerful.

Key Figure > [1] result

Key Figure - 95% : UVA's account for ...

UVA's account for 95% of the ultraviolet rays that reach the earth. Insidious because they cause no pain, UVA rays penetrate very deeply into the skin and can damage cells

True or False ? > [2] results

Artificial UV tanning sessions let you tan in complete safety

Tanning is the skin's defence mechanism against UVB rays. Yet UV tanning beds diffuse UVA rays in doses higher than those in sunlight: insidious because they are painless, they only provide a superficial tan and encourage the production of free radicals which are responsible for skin ageing and alterations in the cellular system. Therefore UV tanning beds speed up premature skin ageing and increase the risks of developing skin cancer.   

If I have a tan, I no longer need any protection

The skin has defense mechanisms to fight the effects of UV rays: it thickens and produces a pigment (melanin) which partially filters UV rays and gives colour to the complexion-- your tan. However, this "natural" protection against the harmful effects of UV rays is superficial because it only partially filters out UV radiation. A tan therefore does not exempt you from using a sun production product.