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A better life for sensitive skin.

Anthelios Ultra-fluid Lotion SPF 60

Fast-absorbing, matte finish.
Fragance-free. Paraben-free.

(8 reviews)

70-79 years

A great product

I really like this, plain much better than the tinted version. However, I have been unable to buy it locally - seems to be sold out at all the SDMs near me.

25-34 years

Would buy again

Totally agree with the other reviews - love the light, non-greasy, matte finish and the fact that it doesn't cause breakouts. I hate the feeling of thick and sticky sunscreen on my face and this is a great solution. It comes out as a thin, liquid but dries quickly and best of all, doesn't smell strongly of sunscreen.

40-49 years


I've been using this product on my face for the past 2 weeks and absolutely love the light weight feel of it on my skin. Once applied, it goes on silky smooth and leaves a matte finish. It has a primer like feel to it and makes my makeup go on flawlessly! <br/>It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy and I did not experience any breakouts from it either which is a bonus.<br/>You don't need to apply to much, a little goes a long way!<br/>It's great as my skin is protected all day with the high SPF!

65-74 years


I have used this product for 2 weeks and found it lovely to use. As a mature woman of 64, who sings on stage with my husband, and is an artist who makes public appearances, the look of my skin is important to me. I wear makeup and often perform out of doors, and this product was lovely to use, and makeup was easy to apply for me. I would recommend it.

50-59 years

Two years of daily use

Love this product! I have used this product every day for two years now and am still in love with it. Sometimes I use the Toleriane Ultra underneath (on my cheeks which tend to be drier) - makes a great makeup base as well. I reapply during the day by gently patting it into my skin. <br/><br/>Cannot say enough about this product as it is certainly the best facial sunscreen that I have used.


Fav sunscreen for my face :) Great protection, love the non-greasy fluid texture, doesnt cause acne and has a matte finish <3

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Anthelios Ultra-fluid Lotion SPF 60 packshot from Anthelios, by La Roche-Posay