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A better life for sensitive skin.

Global action acne treatment

New texture: fresh gel-cream, 24hr hydratation and long lasting mattity. Absorbs quickly for a non-sticky, non-oily finish.

(3 reviews)

25-34 years

Completely Changed My Skin

For the past 8 years I have dealt with painful hormonal cystic acne, also due in part to food sensitivities/diet, as well as black heads in my T-zone. This is the first product that has not only treated both problems but also prevented further outbreaks and I can not speak highly enough about it. If I have a "cheat day" and eat something unhealthy that I shouldn't and start to feel a cystic pimple forming under the skin, I use this as a spot treatment and by the next day it's completely gone!

18-24 years

No complaints

I have the whole deal, blackheads, pimples, white heads, dilated pores to acne that forms under the skin. All this along with my combination oily skin. Went through so many ineffective products until I was shown this at Shoppers Drugmart. Acne scaring rarely occurs now, I am a satisfied customer!

25-34 years


My skin, out of nowhere, broke out into cystic adult acne. Before this product, nothing worked. This product changed mys skin completely. <br/>I used Effaclar cleansing gel, Effaclar micro-exfoliating astringent, and lastly, Effaclar duo morning and night. <br/>At first there was a purging period by bringing out all of the stuff that was inside of my pores. It peeled my skin, in a good way, by removing acne scarring and revealing new skin. Skin worsens before it gets better, but this product is great!

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EFFACLAR DUO[+] Global action acne treatment packshot from Effaclar, by La Roche-Posay