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A better life for sensitive skin.
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Sebo-regulating moisturizer. Anti-shine, anti-enlarged pores.


(4 reviews)

30-39 years

Great for combination skin!!

Amazing product!! I have mostly oily skin, with a few dry patches, but with effaclar mat I can make it through the whole day without getting shiny! And it hydrates too so it's not leaving my problem areas dry and flaky! Great as a primer under makeup!

18-24 years


I purchased this product to battle the effects of sticky, hot, humid summers in Toronto. This completely prevented shiny skin without drying out my combination and acne ridden skin. Will continue to use it, like the other effaclar products, NO COMPLAINTS! My skin is improving!

30-39 years

Game Changer

This is amazing. I went from having to us a 50-pack of blotting papers every 2-2 1/2 weeks to not having to remove the excess shine at all. In the afternoon my skin would get so oily it would hurt and now it feels amazing all day.<br/>Thank you! Can't wait to try more products in this line.

18-24 years

Excellent for mixed skin

I used to have a lot of break outs because all the products I used were not accommodating for mixed skin. Moisturizers made oily parts of skin even more oilier while acne solvants dried out the dryer parts of my skin.<br/><br/>Effaclar Mat balances out my skin so that the oilier parts stay matte and so that the dryer parts stay moisturized. I've probably used this for just a week and a half and most of my breakouts have disappeared and my skin doesn't shine throughout the day anymore.<br/><br/>It's a must try

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