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A better life for sensitive skin.
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Lipikar Baume AP+

Anti-Itching, Lipid-Replenishing, Soothing Balm
Fragrance-free. Paraben-free.
Very dry, irritated skin prone to icthing. Extreme dryness.
Sensitive and atopy-prone skin. Babies, children and adults.

(3 reviews)

55-64 years

Excellent product but...

I have been using Lipikar Baum for a number of years. I put it on right after my shower and my skin is moisturized all day. You can get dressed immediately and it doesn't stain your clothes. I have recommended this product to a number of friends and family. However, when Lipikar Baum AP come out and the Lipikar Baum was removed from the market, I cannot use the AP if my eczema is "active" . I my case it makes it worse...

55-64 years

Excellence in a Bottle

I received a box of seven trial size bottles of Lipikar Baume in the mail and I love it. It made quick work of the scaly patches of eczema on my body and the itch disappeared almost immediately. I have a prescription for my eczema that does not really help and so I put it aside to try out the Lipikar Baume. Within three days the patches cleared up and I am very happy with this product and will continue to use it in the future. Once a day takes your itch away!

30-39 years

This balm is simply excellent. i got it as a sample for my son with sensitive itchy skin. in less than two weeks, the dryness and itches subsided greatly. in fact, i started noticing the relief right from onset. i discovered my little baby had patches of dyness on her skin. i began treating her skin with it daily. that was fast! because i started noticing changes in a matter of days. now her skin is smooth and fresh. no itches and better sleep and play times. i will surely head to the stores to buy once the samples are exhausted

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