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A better life for sensitive skin.

Physiological Cleansing Micellar Foaming Water

Gentle, soap free, paraben free cleanser

(4 reviews)

30-39 years

Love this product

I've used this product daily for about a month now and I have really grown to love it! Initially I was a little skeptical that it wouldn't give me the super-clean feeling I crave but it cleans away dirt and oil in a pump. I also use this as a follow up to the Toleraine DermoCleanser on my heavy make up days and it really just takes EVERYTHING off my face and leaves it bright, clean and refreshed, but it's so gentle you kind of wonder how it works so well. Great product to have in your routine.

25-34 years

My new favourite cleanser

I've been using the foaming water for a little over two weeks now and don't have anything but good things to say about it. It has a thicker texture than my other cleanser, but still light and bubbly from the pump. It has a really light scent and doesn't dry out my skin, but also doesn't leave a sticky film on my face, which I love! This product goes a long way too, 1-2 pumps a night for over two weeks and it still looks like I have a full bottle!

40-49 years


Prior to using this product, I had never used a foaming cleanser. I was always skeptical that my skin wouldn't feel clean. After using it for the past 2 weeks, I can honestly say, I have a reformed view on it! Just 1 pump is enough to thoroughly cleanse the face & neck. My skin felt so refreshed & rejuvenated afterwards. Oh and it has such a fresh smell to it! It is so gentle on the skin & leaves it soft & tightness free. And if your like me and have sensitive skin, this is great. Recommend!

65-74 years


I have used this product for 2 weeks, and found it simple to use, refreshing, and light on my skin, as professed to be. My face did not feel dry at all, and at 64, that can be an issue. I am delighted with this product and would recommend it heartily.

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Physiological Cleansing Micellar Foaming Water packshot from Physiological cleansers, by La Roche-Posay