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A better life for sensitive skin.
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Rosaliac Micellar Gel


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60-69 years


You recommends to pat all over our face and removed with a cotton. I am doing it but I don't feel quite clean. Feel like I still have a film on my skin. Is it normal? The micellar water for sensitive skin also leave a film on my skin but doesn't feel as thick. Could you explain better how to use it or is it normal to have that feeling. Will appreciate an answer from one of your expert. Thanks.

45-54 years

Rosaliac Micellar Gel

I have rosacea, sensitive and very fair skin. I have been using La Roche-Posay products for several years now. I love this cleanser. I use it morning and night, rinse off with water. It cleanses without stripping and drying the skin. Cool, refreshing, easy glide on gel, no rubbing. I have also started my teenage daughter using it, I think people have used cleansers way to harsh over the years. This is much kinder to your skin.

30-39 years

Micellar Gel Review

I've used this gel before because my face is quite prone to redness. However, I did feel it left a sort of "film" behind after using that I did not enjoy so much. It was however quite gentil on the skin and did remove make-up/dirt really well.

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