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A better life for sensitive skin.
Home > Anthelios > Anthelios XL Melt-in Cream SPF 60
Sun sensitive skin.
Extreme sun exposure.
Protects from sunburn.

Contains patented Mexoryl® sunscreen technology and other sunscreen filters and has been rigorously formulated to provide excellent protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Breakthrough texture: This comforting, non greasy texture melts into the skin fast, leaving it soft and velvety.


Skin is protected from sunburn and from skin reactions as well as UV-induced cell damage.

Apply generously before sun exposure. Reapply as needed or after swimming, towel drying, perspiring heavily or washing.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Discontinue use if skin irritation develops or increases. If irritation persists, consult a doctor. Before using on children less than six months of age, consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose babies and young children directly under the sun.

Excessive sun exposure is dangerous. Avoid exposure during hours when the sun is at its strongest. Choose a protection factor adapted to your skin type. The sun may cause sunburn, premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. Avoiding the sun, wearing protective clothing and regular use of sunscreens over the years may reduce the chance of these harmful effects.

30-39 years



45-54 years

This sunscreen is a miracle!

I suffer from a red, itchy rash called polymorphous light eruption (PMLE) on tropical vacations, sometimes so severe that I have ended up at the hospital. A Canadian pharmacist recommended that I give this product a try, and it has literally changed my life! For the first time ever, I was able to enjoy an entire week at the beach without the pain and itchiness of a PMLE rash, and I was even able to stay in the water longer than usual without repeated applications. Thank you, La Roche-Posay!!!

35-44 years

great sun protection & no white cast

I have been using this cream daily for the past 3 months and am absolutely thrilled with it. I apply it over my regular day cream and it melts into my dry skin evenly, without leaving a white cast. It's great under makeup and does not pill the way many other zinc-based sunscreens have. As someone with very fair skin who has had malignant melanoma in the past, I am very picky with my sunscreens and this one gets top marks. A !