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A better life for sensitive skin.
Home > Iso-Urea > Iso-Urea Body Milk
Sensitive, dry and flaky skin in adults, roughness on the body (arms, elbows, legs), flaking. Suitable for skin with psoriasis. Suitable for the skin of people with diabetes.*
* Study carried out on 40 diabetics whose skin did not present lesions.

Helps to gently remove the skin surface cells and:
- decreases the granular aspect of the skin and smoothes the skin roughness on the body,
- reinforces the cutaneous barrier and soothes skin discomforts.
Immediately melts into the skin without leaving any greasy finish.

From the 1st application, the rough skin is smoothed with a velvet smooth finish. dryness and flaking, and provides the skin with an intense comfort. The skin quality is transformed and deeply restored.

Apply once or twice a day, with gentle massage movements, preferably after cleansing.