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A better life for sensitive skin.
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Dry and uncomfortable skin.
Children and adults.

Very dry, dehydrated skin is characterised by a fragile cutaneous barrier and is subject to tightness and discomfort. LIPIKAR milk provides lipids and immediately soaks into dry skin, reinforces the skin barrier on the long term, protecting it from external aggressions.

Innovation: The niacinamide and shea butter formula moisturizes and restores the hydrolipidic film intensely to help restore the skin barrier and to provide comfort to the skin while soothing the tightness feeling due to dry skin.
Non-greasy, non-sticky.

The skin barrier is restored and regains its natural protective function. The skin is nourished and protected, supple and soft again.

Apply once a day. Use on gently-cleansed skin.

60-69 years

Love, love, love Lipikar Lait

I am 61 years of age and with age comes dry skin. I have spent a little fortune on creams with no benefits,none! I bought Lipikar Lait one month ago and 2 days later I could already see the huge benefits. 30 days later, my skin shows visible signs of youth, yes, I said YOUTH !<br/>But, the 2 stores that used carry it in my little town of Hawkesbury, Jean Coutu and Shoppers Drug Mart have removed the product from their shelves. Why would they remove this wonder product from their shelves ! :-( <br/>

30-39 years

Lipikar milk

I prefer thus over lipikar ap. it absorbs better and does the same job. Bonus is doesn't have the weird odour that lipikar balm has.

45-54 years

Lipikar Milk

I have always had extremely dry skin (never met anyone with drier skin than me). An esthetician at a spa a few years ago recommended La Roche-Posay for my dry skin. I love these products.